Our Vision & Mission

  • As Depan Energy, it is to carry out reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and economical production facilities, businesses and works with the highest efficiency at the optimum point where sufficient and necessary conditions meet with the turnkey concept accompanied by creative technologies and accepted by everyone. As Depan Energy, it becomes a worldwide brand that tries to create its own technology by competing with the existing technologies in the world, is integrated with universal values ​​and shares its values ​​with those around it.

Our Quality Policy

  • To develop by ensuring the satisfaction of Depan Energy employees and to be the symbol of continuity in the sector, To ensure customer satisfaction with our commitments, services and products, To be the leader in our sector in the country and a sought-after company in the international market. To ensure continuity in service, to grow continuously, to invest to grow, to create resources to invest is the main way we choose. A well-intentioned, fair understanding based on mutual benefit is essential in our relations with our employees and suppliers. It is our duty to be reputable, consistent and ensure continuity in our relations with employer institutions. Compliance with laws, environment and moral rules is our main principle. To be behind our words, to fulfill our duties with minimum error, to be open to innovations and creativity, to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to ensure its effectiveness.

Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Policy

  • Depan Energy is aware of the fact that the protection and improvement of the environment we live in and occupational health and safety are an integral part of its business; Complies with management systems, national and international legal regulations, customer expectations and restrictive of relevant legal and other requirements. It works to reduce the use of natural resources. It prevents pollution with the proper disposal of the hazardous wastes and other wastes we create. It raises awareness of its employees and subcontractors on environmental and occupational health and safety issues in order to achieve success and continuous improvement. It continuously reviews and improves its targets and environmental and occupational health risks.


About Depan Energy

  • Depan Energy was established in Denizli as a company operating in energy systems contracting and electrical panels. It has grown with the projects and works it has done in Denizli province, which is especially known for Pamukkale and has a bright historical past and the world’s most precious natural beauties; It has started to serve all over Turkey with its design and project design, turnkey contracting and panel production works. It is currently working on project design, electricity, installation, panel and automation with the system it has established in an area of ​​1,000 square meters in Denizli. Egeden Energy, with its strong technical staff and infrastructure, provides services in the fields of energy transmission lines, medium and low voltage power supply and distribution, all kinds of lighting, weak current systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, panel and installation, turnkey contracting and project control. It continues to work with appropriate investment cost solutions by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Egeden Energy, which continuously implements and develops technological developments with on-the-job training, has experienced, dynamic and competent staff, its approach to its employees and economic solutions with the slogans “human and nature first”. It aims to serve the whole world in order to establish