Depan Energy General Practice Areas

  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Power Transmission Lines
  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Switchgear Facilities High Voltage / Medium Voltage Switchgears and Medium Voltage Transformer Facilities
  • Low Voltage Panel Facilities
  • Energy Distribution and Transmission Busbar Duct Systems
  • Scada Power Automation and Insta-Bus Lighting Systems
  • Security and Fire Alarm and Data Processing and Data Systems
  • UPS and Generator and Lightning Rod Systems
  • Photovoltaic – Solar Energy Systems
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • LED Lighting Systems

Depan Energy Engineering, Contracting, Project, Application

  • Turnkey Projects under the commitment of Egeden Energy; It goes through the stages of analysis, research, development and project design. As a result of coordination and organization studies, productions are carried out in accordance with the project. Tested and commissioned and delivered with documentation. Projecting As a result of working with the opportunities provided by technology, projects are made by passing the applicability control.
  • Application The scope of the commitment is the timely commissioning of the projects in accordance with international quality and technical standards.

Depan Energy R&D Studies

  • Depan Energy is the research and development department that produces analytical solutions. It designs the products of the future by following the developing technologies and engineering solutions in the world.

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